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Daily Bhutan State Lottery Results

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A Bhutan State lottery is a new game for the people of India. Therefore, it is now easy to make the best lottery game at different times. There are multiple types of lottery games. So, it is important to get a ticket for the lottery and win the game. A lucky winner on each day gets a prize that is high in its amount. But, our website is helpful to show all online live results for all lotteries. However, Bhutan State Lottery is one of the best legal lotteries. It is honored by the state of Bhutan. Results and schedule for the Bhutan lottery are present on our web page which is easy and perfect to check all results online.

What Is Bhutan Lottery?

If you are looking for the best lottery with its weekly games, it is the best choice to use the Bhutan State Lottery. Moreover, the lottery is simple and organized by the government of Bhutan. It is one of the best legal games that give access to use easily. Therefore, weekly games and the three best results times of the Bhutan State lottery help make it versatile for all people. So, you can buy a single ticket for the best lottery and take part in all games in the evening or morning time.

Bhutan State Lottery Prize List

The prize of this lottery is enough to make easy access. So, you can get a high amount from the best lottery. Therefore, the first prize in the lottery is 10000. So, a lucky winner can get an access amount from the lottery to make it easy for all people. The cons prize is 11000. Moreover, the 11th person gets the amount of 11500, which is perfect and makes more interest in participating in this lottery. Overall, it helps to give support, and you can also win a prize from this best evening lottery.

What Is the Result Time For Bhutan State Lottery?

Most people want to know more about the lottery results announcement. So, all live results are available on the legal website. So, you can check the best result online from our official website. We always try to give a perfect result on time. Moreover, pdf file format is also best to give more approach for all users to check, and maybe you are the one lucky winner. Therefore, some best times for the lottery are:

  1. Bhutan lottery of 11:55 am
  2. Afternoon results of 4 pm
  3. Evening lottery result 8 pm

Is This Easy To Win Prizes In Lottery?

Is the question you can win the lottery? How can you win the lottery? Therefore, the answer is simple – a lucky winner of each game always wins. So, it is your responsibility to buy a single ticket from the buyer and participate in the game. All games of the Bhutan State Lottery play weekly from Monday to Sunday with the three best times. All weekly games of the lottery have different names. So, you need to buy a single ticket from the buyer online and then become a part of the game.

Overview of Bhutan’s National Lottery, the Country’s Favourite Pastime

You may have heard of the Bhutan State Lottery if you’re considering visiting the nation or are just interested in learning more about its culture. It’s a favorite hobby for a good reason in this tiny nation tucked away in the Himalayas. This article will discuss the varieties of lotteries that are offered, the history and present status of the Bhutan State Lottery, and even offer advice on how to improve your chances of winning.

The History of the Bhutan State Lottery Since the early 1920s, lotteries have been a part of Bhutanese culture. But the Bhutan State Lottery didn’t actually start being managed by the government until 1969. After a successful inaugural drawing, the Bhutan State Lottery has gained popularity, selling millions of tickets annually.

The Different Sorts of Lotteries

The Bhutan State Lottery provides a range of games to accommodate various interests and spending capacities. The following are some of the most common lottery categories:

Bumper Lottery every day

The Daily Bumper Lottery is exactly what it says on the tin: a daily lottery with a grand prize. Because the tickets are reasonably priced, everyone can attend.

Morning lottery in Kanchenjunga

Every day at 11:55 am, the Kanchenjunga Morning Lottery is drawn. There are numerous more minor prizes up for grabs in addition to the grand reward, which is substantially larger than the Daily Bumper Lottery’s top prize.

Jackpot Lottery in Bhutan

Every Thursday at 4:00 pm, a winner is chosen in the Bhutan Jackpot Lottery. One of the most profitable lotteries in Bhutan, the big prize typically ranges in the millions of Ngultrums.

Platinum Kuil Lottery

The big prize for the monthly Kuil Platinum Lottery is over 1 crore Ngultrums. Because of the substantial prize and reasonably priced tickets, it is one of the most well-liked lotteries in Bhutan.

Lottery Jai Kisan

The weekly Jai Kisan Lottery offers a 50 lakh Ngultrum grand prize. Since a portion of the profits supports agricultural growth in the nation, it is a preferred option among farmers and agricultural workers in Bhutan.

Advice for Winning the State Lottery of Bhutan

Although winning the lottery is mostly a question of luck, you can boost your chances of winning by using the following advice:

Purchase more tickets

Your odds of winning increase with the number of tickets you purchase. Never spend more than you can afford to lose, though, and stick to your budget.

Many people have the propensity to select well-liked numbers, such as their luck or birthdate. You will, however, have to split the prize with more people if those numbers are drawn. You can have a better chance of earning a larger portion of the prize by selecting fewer common numbers.

Enrol in a lottery pool

You can raise your chances of winning while saving money by signing up for a lottery pool with friends or family.


One of the most well-liked pastimes in this tiny Himalayan nation is playing the state lottery. Everyone can participate because there are many different lotteries offered, and tickets are reasonably priced. While winning the lottery is mostly a question of luck, there are several strategies you may use to improve your odds. So why not give it a shot and purchase a ticket on your subsequent trip to Bhutan?


Is the state lottery in Bhutan legitimate?
The Bhutan State Lottery is legitimate and is governed by the Bhutanese government.

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Daily Bhutan State Lottery Results

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